The benefits of occupational therapy for new moms and infants

Our friends over at Baby + Co in Wheatridge Colorado reached out to us and asked,


“How can a pediatric occupational therapist support my new baby and our family?”


We love supporting our children, families and community by sharing information, resources and tips to make raising our children a little bit easier.


Here are our tips on how a pediatric OT can support new moms and infants


Supporting the family

You have questions, your partner has questions, everyone has questions! Are we doing this right? Should my baby be acting like this? When should they be doing that? We have the answers! Contact us now!


Ideas for tummy time

We know listening to those loud screams in that little body can be incredibly overwhelming. We are here to help. Tummy time is a very important developmental phase for infants and we have lots of ideas on how to ease your baby into these activities and make it more fun for you too!


Motor Milestones

We are experts in child development and can help you know when your child should be sitting, rolling, walking, playing with toys, feeding themselves and much more! We also have many tips and tricks for encouraging these skills and making it fun!


Picky Eating

With our background in sensory processing and motor development we look at the whole child. Many families have challenges getting their kids to sit at the table, eat a variety of food and participate in mealtime. We have strategies for you!


Positioning and resources for breastfeeding

We know that for some moms, breastfeeding can be a challenge! With our background in infant development, motor skills, oral motor development and sensory processing, we can help you discover what the reasons may be and encourage success.


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