Fine Motor Skills

National Handwriting Day!

National Handwriting Day is celebrated every year on January 23.  This day was invented during the 1970s, it is considered to be a holiday that is increasing in importance with the passing of each year. That’s because the art of handwriting is gradually being lost as more and more people use computers, tablets and phones…


Playing with a purpose: Guest blog with Emily Cohen, Speech Therapist, Tandem Speech Therapy

Do you notice your child watching you while you move through the home? Do they sometimes cling to your leg like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat? Young children often like being with adults because they have a lot to learn and gain when interacting with us. Maria Montessori taught us that children…


The benefits of occupational therapy for new moms and infants

Our friends over at Baby + Co in Wheatridge Colorado reached out to us and asked,   “How can a pediatric occupational therapist support my new baby and our family?”   We love supporting our children, families and community by sharing information, resources and tips to make raising our children a little bit easier.  …

Fine Motor Skills

Don’t Be So Broken Up About It: Options to Promote handwriting grasp in children

Writing Tools to Promote Your Child’s Grasp   Golf Pencils: Using short utensils helps to naturally promote a tripod grasp or 3 finger grasp for writing   Broken Crayons: They still work! By having a short surface to hold this atomically helps to promote a tripod grasp   Finger Crayons: These bulb shaped crayons are…


5 Tips To Keep your Sanity during the holidays

This is a stressful time of year for everyone.   We wanted to share 5 tips that may make the holidays more joyful!   Lead By Example Your behavior directly impacts your child’s behavior. If  you’re stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, they will feel that. Try and stay calm. Model coping strategies like breathing, taking breaks,…


Gimme Gimme vs Giving Giving: 5 ways to teach your kids about giving back

We wanted to share 5 ways to encourage your kids to give not only during the holiday season, but all year around   Serve Others Teach children about giving to families, friends, elderly, neighbors, even pets! This can be by spending a few hours volunteering or by making monetary donations.   Give toys and clothes…


Our TREAT for you!

It’s here!   Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is ready for you!     Enjoy!   Download Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Sensory Processing

Home is Where the Heart Is…the benefits of occupational therapy in home services

This week we want to share the benefits of in home occupational therapy services    With parent teacher conferences just around the corner, we want to make sure you know we are here for you as a resource! Reach out to us!!   It’s FUNctional There have been so many times parents told me, “You gave…


Tantrums versus Sensory Meltdowns

This week, parenting coach for highly sensitive children and co-founder of Leading Edge Parenting, Melissa Schwartz joins us to clarify when your child is having a tantrum or when they may be experiencing a sensory meltdown.  Tantrums are either a manifestation of learned behavior or a result of built up stress. Sensory meltdowns happen when…


10 Tips to Transform Your Child from a picky eater to a super eater

10 Tips To Transform Your Picky Eater Into A Super Eater   Do any of these feel familiar? My child will not sit in a chair during mealtime My child will not try new foods My child only eats 5 foods My child gags when they smell, look or taste certain foods and textures  …

I really appreciate Jill’s honesty. Near the end of our time together, Jill told me that we had come to a point where she thought my daughter would benefit more from behavioral therapy rather than OT. Although I was sad to hear it was time to reduce our visits with Jill and this recommendation wasn’t easy, it was ultimately what needed to be done.

— Katie B, Mom of Bridget (age 6)