Don’t Be So Broken Up About It: Options to Promote handwriting grasp in children

Writing Tools to Promote Your Child’s Grasp


Golf Pencils: Using short utensils helps to naturally promote a tripod grasp or 3 finger grasp for writing


Broken Crayons: They still work! By having a short surface to hold this atomically helps to promote a tripod grasp


Finger Crayons: These bulb shaped crayons are perfect to encourage strengthening and endurance with a child’s webspace or the space between their pointer and thumb


CLAW Grip: This grip is the perfect way to teach children where their fingers belong on a writing tool. The cups give the feedback needed for success. 


Mechanical Pencils: These are perfect for the kiddo who pushes too hard on the paper


Holding a small object in the 4/5 finger: Use a pom-pom or small object to help keep those fingers in the palm and let the other three do the work


Two sided crayons from Learning Without Tears: These crayons are small and work on finger dexterity and strength. 


Weighted Pencils: Providing weight to objects helps give feedback for kids with low muscle strength and tone. These kids may have very shaky writing


Squiggle Writer: This tool makes writing super fun! Having children try and control this crazy wiggle pen helps to promote strength and control.