Certified Leading Edge Parenting Coach

Occupational Performance Coaching combines parent coaching with occupational therapy principles and wisdom to achieve your family’s goals. 

How will occupational performance coaching benefit my family?

• You will gain insights about yourself and your children

• You will learn specific strategies to support you child’s occupational performance

• You will have a great understanding of your children’s perception

• You will create a more calm and happy emotional tone with your family

* sessions last between 60-75 minutes

Honest OT can provide web based services in the form of telehealth. This is a service delivery model that transcends practice areas and improves access to occupational therapy services. This interactive technology continues to grow and is a way of providing services in a family’s natural environment.


Our son loves his time with Jill and is always excited to see and “play” with her. I would recommend Jill’s services wholeheartedly.

— Liz K., Denver, Mom of Milo (age 3)