Honest Occupational Therapy (OT) believes in partnering with families, caregivers and educators to discover the importance of child development. Through the use of simple and effective strategies they can guide our children in becoming successful and learn a little something about themselves along the way.

It is very natural to wonder whether your child is developing at the same rate as other children. Milestones are the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning at school, in the family and community. If you want to learn more about your child, contact us!


News & Events

Shoe Tying Mini Lessons On the Bus
Saturday, November 3, 2018930-1130am
Don’t Let Shoe Tying Put Your Kid In Knots
Saturday, November 17, 201812-130pm

She put our daughter at ease almost immediately. It was almost like Jill was a family member that our daughter knew her whole life.

— Jackie S., Arvada, Mom of Ari (age 6)